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Clown car

Well.. our little 2 bedroom apartment is looking a bit like a clown car at the moment.. but we're having a ton of fun.

My mom is up from Kentucky for a month-ish and is spending her first week up here in MA helping us out by watching Ben during the day. His daycare is closed this week and both Shiela and I are out of vacation and personal time because of all the time we took off early this year with his medical issues. Anywho.. along for the ride are my niece, Ashley (almost 14) and nephew, Adam (8). Adam and my mom are sleeping in Ben's room and Ashley is on an aerobed in the dining room. Whew! Everyone is in air-conditioning, so things are ok from a comfort standpoint!

Today the crew is down at the Arlington Reservoir swimming and playing. I'm jealous because I'd rather be outside playing too.. but I'm also relieved that things are going so smoothly at home. You'd think my mom had raised a kid or two in her past (and had a daycare for almost 20 years!).

I took this video last night. Adam was playing with my Wii Fit and Ben has started imitating.. they were having a blast. I'm pretty sure that my downstairs neighbors thought that the sky was falling or that we had a herd of elephants passing through our place.. but it was early in the evening.. so we just let them have fun.

This week will be a bit hectic as I have to wrap up a few things for a few different projects on top of it being a shortened week and my starting up my new schedule next week.. Today has been going pretty well though, so I'm hoping that the rest of the week will fall into place as well.


  1. moo said...
    sounds like you have a full house!

    Glad you're going to have FUN with your mom!
    misstj said...
    hi mom!!! holy cr@P...Ashley is 14 and adam is 8?? yikes..... that makes us old!

    glad ben likes the wii fit. i want one (and a wii too!)
    Anonymous said...
    i am having the time of my life! busy again-got to go- feed kids and go to s&s and park. hi to misstj (who is it?) LOVE to all -- MOM
    What A Card said...
    My boys have figured out they can make the mii run just by shaking the wiimote up and down. They stand in front of the TV, shaking their little arms...

    If you're willing to risk giving Ben the remote, you may want to let him try it!

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