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18 Months

Benjamin was "officially" 18 months old yesterday. I can't comprehend how quickly the time has passed yet I can hardly remember what life was like before he was part of our family. We celebrated the day by doing business as usual w/ work for moms and school for ben during the day.. but we did hit Mariachi Night at our favorite mexican restaurant after work. We met up with Stacey and the twins (who now call me "Jen".. i can't believe it!!!) for a bit and then stuck around for the band to play (they were 45 minutes late!.. but it was worth it.. Ben loved the music although he ignored the players when they were right close to us. Here is a pic I took with my cell phone.. a bit over-exposed, but you get the idea! We had a great time.

Ok... today Ben had his 18 month "well check" with Dr Pangburn. It was actually smooth sailing. We haven't had much concern about his development lately and haven't had a recent seizure.. so it really was just a matter of everything being "great".

Ben "clocked in" at 33.5" (80%) for height and at 26lbs 6oz (57%) for weight.. right on track! He also had his last booster shot -- no more shots until Kindergarten!!!

Now.. mark you calendars.. when Ben (and I) are sick in approximateley 7-10 days.. remind me that it was because I let him play with the toys in the pediatrician's waiting room.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Look how happy he is though.....I'm sure it will be worth it......(lol). And ok- so i finally get a blogger id and can't remember the GD password....
    Anonymous said...
    He's having a great time! I wonder what the pic would look like if you had him held tight on your lap like i used to do with you or was it amy? Buy anyway, you turned out quite well!!!!!!! lol

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