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Shiela's mom, June (a.k.a. Jaaym), is visiting from Texas. She's able to stay with us this year. We are very proud and pleased (sorry about the Thomas references.. the troublesome trucks are stuck in my head and can't get out).. mostly we're happy. This allows us to spend the most time possible with Jaaym and for her to spend the most time possible with her grandson and of course.. us. She's enjoying her time so much.. she must have a few hundred pictures taken so far (hopefully none of the dead fish). Anyway.. The last few times she's been out, she has had to stay in a hotel since we moved into the second level of a two family home. This year.. she took on the stairs and won!

So for anyone who doubted Jaaym's strength and willpower... here's what we have to say to you:


  1. moo said...
    hooray! How GREAT!
    The Kappels said...
    yay for grandma visits! good for her climbing those narrow twisty stairs!!
    Giovanna said...
    Woohoo for Grams!
    And I see you were a very busy blogger yesterday.
    Love the pix!
    I so need to start posting more pix. I've been on pix hiatus lately.
    Snickollet said...
    This series of photos is awesome. Love it!

    See you tonight . . .

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