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By 6pm, most families have headed home from the park for dinner. There is a certain sub-culture.. we call ourselves "working parents".. that creaps out at about that time with bagged dinners and sweatshirts (and bug spray soon) to make the most out of the few hours that we get to spend with our child(ren) after work and before their bedtime.

Last night was my "date night" with Ben. We opted for a sandwich from Quizno's and then headed over to Spy Pond to play.

We were there for about an hour and a half. He had a good time.. so did I. We got chased by a canadian goose once.. but I would have run after the little kid with the sandwich too if I was a big ol' goose. (he actually didn't chase us.. he just swam over to us and got out of the water and walked toward us.. we stepped back slowly until he got bored and went back into the water).

Ben spent most of the time playing in the sand with a stick. The sun started to sink lower in the sky and Ben started to lose his mind because i wouldn't let him open and close the park's gate repeatedly (regardless of whether there were children in the way).. so we headed home.

It was a nice night.

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  1. moo said...
    Grayson is also in the phase where he wants to open and close and open and close and open ... just to see if the same thing will happen every time.

    Here's a hint, darling: IT DOES.

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