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My endocrinologist and I were just talking about this study earlier this week. She said the results were due to be published any day and that they were all waiting and holding their breath.

"Pill may be effective against gestational diabetes
Study finds metformin drug no more harmful to fetus than insulin"

I stand behind the fact that the only reason I was able to conceive Ben was because of the combination treatments of Metformin to deal with my insulin resistance and DHEA and the progesterone support that I received for the first 12 weeks. I also continued taking Metformin through my first trimester at my own request given my own research into the subject and a serious heart to heart with my endo and my OB. My sugar levels were PERFECT through my first trimester.

As soon as I went off of the Metformin, things started to hit the fan. I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes by about the 14 wk mark and by 20 wks was insulin dependant. This means, if, hypothetically speaking, I ever get pregnant again.. I can take Metformin through the entire pregnancy potentially ELIMINATING all of the chaos that GD caused for me (and of course the potential impact on Ben who luckily was healthy as a horse even though I was wasting away..)



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