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Ben hasn't progressed to the point of trying on all the dirty laundry.. but he loves charging it and flopping on the pile. Of course.. we mix it up.. we don't have a specific day or time for laundry.. so this is how he was helping out last night.

FYI for my newer readers/friends.. Tegan is my best bud from our college days. She also holds one of the only collection of photos of me in a dress.


  1. The Kappels said...
    glad to know it's not just my kids!!

    since you were famous for mentioning snick, what will happen now you mentioned me?!?!? j/k
    The Kappels said...
    oh, and about that photo..... shall i post it???? or maybe i'll give it to someone more famous to post?? hmm, who to send it to???
    moo said...
    Oh, yes, laundry is SUPER FUN around here too! (Grayson seems to prefer messing about in the CLEAN clothes. I really should teach him to do it in the DIRTY clothes, like Ben. Much less stress for me)

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