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This post will likely come in several chunks.. it was a busy and crazy weekend. I'm going to start with the funniest part and move on from there.. so things won't exactly be in chronological order.

#1. While attempting to bite the plastic tie off of the pair of baby croc's that we bought for ben, I managed to shatter a crown that I had on my top left canine tooth. Three pieces. This happened ON my birthday.. in the evening.. on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Plus.. I didn't have a dentist.

Not only was it friggin gross.. but it was SHARP and kept snagging my lip. I was NOT happy. All I could see were dollar signs and the fact that this was going to make me have to pick up the phone and beg local dentists to come in on a holiday weekend for someone that they had never met.. yeah.. my idea of fun.

Luckily, the dentist that our pediatrician recommended for Ben is has a Family Dentistry and was very nice and agreed to see me Sunday morning. She put a temporary crown on the tooth to hold me over until today when I would finally be able to get back in for some xrays to see what the damage was.

In the meantime.. all hell broke lose with our dental insurance when they put through shiela's social and it got rejected because the insurance company changed subscriber numbers for all of their clients.. the new numbers they gave the dentist's office were totally wrong.. so I got a call on Tuesday saying that everything was denied and they said we had no coverage. yeah. BLEEP. As soon as she said that we had no coverage as of Dec. 2006.. i just started laughing. This all was lumped in with the crazy insurance crap that happened when I had ben (that's a long story).

To make a long story short.. shiela followed up with her work (my insurance is through her) and they said everything was fine, so I called and got the correct subscriber numbers and passed that info to the dentist this morning and went in to have the rest of the work done. I now have a fancy dancy titanium post and my temporary crown back on while my $1050.00 new crown is being made. I'll pick it up in 2 weeks. The totally awesome part is that our insurance covers 75% of the crown cost. WHEW!!!!


Later that weekend.. we went to the Billy Joel concert down in CT. We had a babysitter lined up for Ben.. here is a pic of the two of them walking to the park together.

and yes.. he's holding her hand. the little bugger.

SOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo... as we were heading out to drive down to the concert.. I managed to back directly into my neighbor's daughter's car. We fondly refer to her as the "Blonde b*tch".. Luckily she wasn't home and her parents, who own the car, said not to worry about it and that she'd have to deal with it. It was quite funny in a "holy crap i just backed into something ELSE" kinda way.. and a bit ironic considering it's the same part of our car that i damaged about 6 months ago by backing into a concrete pillar. keep off the sidewalks folks.. i've got a minivan and I know how to use it!

The concert was great though.. here is a pic of the three of us (shiel, me and beck) just as the show was starting. It was very nice of him to wait until we got to our seats (which ROCKED)..

And here is a pic of me and shiel singing along to "She's always a woman".. you know the song.. "OHHHHhhhhhh.. she takes care of her seeeeeeeelllllllffffff...."

And last but not least.. some pics from the show...

We had a great time.. he was just awesome and I enjoyed watching shiela enjoy the show so much. i've dragged her to some pretty bad ones.. so this one made up for it I think.. :)


In other news.. Ben got pink eye last weekend and had a fever and was home Tuesday. I was down to NYC Tuesday and Wednesday before staying home with a migraine yesterday. Shiela, Ben and her mom are in Ogunquit today.. so I'm looking forward to seeing pics.. I'll be sure to blog them.

Now without further adieu.. I'm going home!


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