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The Boomtown Rats had one major U.S. hit in 1979.. by "major".. i mean it hit #73 on the top #100. The song? "I don't like Mondays". It's a classic and was written in response to a school shooting in California. It hit #1 in the U.K.

Some Jen-trivia. It's very rare for me to get through an ENTIRE Monday without this song going through my head at least once. I don't know why. It's probably because I don't like Mondays.. never have. I don't like the first day of something.. one would think that after experiencing 1768 Mondays in my life.. I would have gotten to the point where I wouldn't fear "the unknown". What the heck is unknown about my current Monday schedule.. I drop Ben off at the same daycare we've been using for over a year.. I drive the same car that I've been driving for over a year to the same job that I've had for over 8 years and sit at the same desk that I've had for 5 of those 8 years in the same office that I've been in for all 8 of those 8 years. If I mix it up.. I may stop at BK instead of Mickey D's for my hearty breakfast sandwich and diet coke. Still.. Sundays hold stress for me over the looming "Monday" and at some point during the day I have the tune to the cult hit song "I don't like Mondays" going through my head.


Today has been no different than any other recent Monday. I have increased my anxiety med dosage a tad just to get through this week. Really.. there is nothing different about this week than last week.. but last week was rough on me for some reason.. so I figured I'd take my sister's advice from a few years ago and decided not to "be a hero". I'm regularly down to 1mg per day of the med that I was just 4 months ago taking 3mg per day.. this is huge. The fact that I can cope with difficult situations/events even without the help of a high dose of tranquilizer is a positive thing. Yay Jen!

Speaking of difficult situations. Yesterday I managed to "cure" my aquarium of the Ich infestation that was affecting most of the Mollys. In the process, I killed just about every living organism within the tank. It was horrible. Shiela and her mom spent some time last night fishing out the little fish corpses and flushing them out to the great ocean in the sky while I sat sobbing on the couch while eating ice cream sandwiches. I'm dealing with this a bit better today.. still upset with myself, but not devastated. I'm hoping that the snail and the frog pull through.. but even if they do not.. it's not like it was one of the cats.

Aside from that decidedly less than stellar moment yesterday.. I had a good weekend. We hit Harvard Square with Shiela's mom and had some lunch and did some shopping and people-watching. We ended up buying Ben a pair of squeeking sneakers. I have to upload a little video clip that I took of him tromping around to share with you all. What a riot!

We also got to visit with our good friends, Barb, Paul and Anna. Ben and Anna play well together as long as there is no debate over who has the rights to a particular tippy cup or bike. Ben mortified us when he smacked Anna right in the face when she was sitting on his bike. So much for my delicate little flower. We'll have to work with him on that.


  1. Snickollet said...
    So sorry about the fishies! Glad the weekend was good otherwise.

    I have much to learn from you and your sis about not being "being a hero." Grr. I have way to much of a martyr streak in me. Not good.
    moo said...
    oh, Ich is terrible! Sorry that you'll have to start over.

    by the by ... we have fancy guppies and they seem to be VERY hardy ... nary a one dies and THAT is saying something!
    The Kappels said...
    thanks for calculating the number of Monday's we've lived thru (okay, so I'm a few behind you). I've never heard that song in my life....but now I too may sing it on Mondays.... I don't care for them either, and I never 'work' (outside the home) that day, so who knows why not!!

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