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You'll probably have to click on the picture below to see it in enough resolution to have any clue what you're looking at.

I've started going for a walk during my lunch hour. I've done it three times in a row now, so I feel I can officially announce that I'm doing it and I haven't quit yet. Basically, I work right near a big "pond" (local water supply) and they have a nicely landscaped path, mostly paved, around the entire pond. I can scoot onto the path from the main road and it's like escaping from it all for about an hour.

I'm doing this for a few reasons.

#1.. it's a healthy thing to do.
#2.. it's a HUGE stress reliever.. especially after 4 hours at work
#3.. it's a healthy thing to do.
#4.. i LOVE water and it calms me.. so I always feel better when I finish.
#5.. it's a healthy thing to do.
#6.. i get to meet a lot of dogs out on their walks.
#7.. it's a healthy thing to do.
#8.. i got to see real boobies yesterday (boy was she EMBARASSED.. serves her right for changing into running clothes at a public park and not in the car or something.
#9.. it's a healthy thing to do.
#10.. it's a HUGE stress reliever.. have I said this before?

Anyway.. I marked up the path that I've been taking on the photo below.. basically a circle around the pond. According to google's calculations, it's 2.65 miles door to door.

As an aside.. I'm getting better at it. The first time it took me an hour. The second and third times it took me about 45 minutes. The first time I got my butt whooped by an old lady with a pug. I kept passing her (in the opposite direction). So she basically did a lap and a half in the time it took me to do a lap. The "good" news was that by the third time I passed her.. she was carrying the dog.. so if nothing else, I know my endurance is better than an 8 year old pug.

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  1. The Kappels said...
    #8 is my FAVORITE reason! ha ha!

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