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Most of my friends are readers. I'm a reader. There is a big difference though. My preference in reading is pure fluff. I read as an escape from my day to day thoughts.. I read to NOT think. While I believe that I'm a fairly bright person.. I can hold my own at a game of dirty-word scrabble.. I typically don't choose to read books that tax me in any way. The same goes for movies.. the more explosions the better and the closer we get to catastrophe with a happy ending that is completely implausible.. the better.

I think that the only person I could join a book club with (it seems to be the current rage with 30-somethings) would be my mom.

Anyway.. Shiela got a shipment of new books from amazon the other day.. she was so excited she left her shoes right on the floor (*gasp*) and dropped her keys in the amazon box only to take hours to find them the next day. I was in Ben's room changing him into his PJs when she came hustling in saying "1500 pages..." in a pitch that was several octaves higher than her fundamental speech frequencies. She was so excited.. her eyes were wide open and bright and she kept saying "fifteen hundred.. i can't wait". I finally managed to pull it out of her that she was talking about War and Peace.

SO.. i took a photo of her latest "finds".. making note to put her in touch with whatacard's local used bookstore.

Then I pulled out the paperbacks that I've been getting ready to read including a new one that I borrowed from my mom when I was in KY.

It's a good thing opposites attract.. *laff* (and yes.. that is a cat foot)

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  1. What A Card said...
    Oh, have Shiela come on a used books store date with me! Their Nonfiction room is a little sparse, though, and they have plenty of fun reading, so you'd probably like it as well.

    And there's a little kids room, although I'm always scared my boys are going to tear it up...

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