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Ben had a bit of a run-in with the cat (Ty, of course.. Nanook is still hiding from Ben) the other day. Ben is very gentle with the cat, but he's also very loud and persistent.. which the cat doesn't like much. We have a book called "Tails are not for Pulling".. and it's great.. but it hasn't clicked yet.. he has learned to go gentle, but hasn't learned how to tell when the kitty doesn't want to play. Check out the bandaid on his wrist and the scratch on his forehead.

After washing the scratches and putting a bandaid on his wrist, we opted for some quiet time. The following two pictures are two of my favorites that I've taken of Ben over the past 15 months. (that says a lot.. because I've taken over 5000 pictures.. Ben sees the orange focus light in his sleep now...)


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