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How could those beautiful blue eyes be anything but perfect?!


Over the past few days, Ben's eyes have been red and itchy. It hasn't really looked like pink eye and I couldn't find any obvious scratches or anything. He did have a bit of a cold last week, so we sort of thought it may have backed up into his eyes and/or he may have an ear infection and/or it could be teething madness.. you know the drill. new parents.. picture the baby playing happily while we're ripping through Baby 411 trying to find out what an itchy reddish eye could be indicative of. Not surprisingly, the options ranged from "a mild irritation" to "stand back it's going to blow!".

Since it wasn't getting better quick enough for us, we took him in to the pediatrician last night after work. He sat contently while the doctor looked at his eyes and checked his ears and listened to his heart and lungs. He even figured out how to unplug the little machine that powers the otoscope and the ophthalmoscope. I plugged that back in though... 8 times. He also likes to crinkle the paper on the exam table. He hasn't reached the age where this experience triggers uncontrollable screaming yet.. that'll be next month.

Anyway.. the pedi gave us the option of taking him in to the ER at Mass Eye and Ear to get him checked or taking him home and getting him in to a pediatric ophthamologist first this this morning. Since he wasn't appearing to be in any pain or having any light sensitivity, she felt comfortable with us going home and waiting until today.

In the meantime, I decided that this must all be due to him rubbing his face/eyes after getting sunscreen on his hands.

Tear Free my @$$:

In the end, we found out that his eyes are just fine and that with another day of applying some ointment, he should be back to 100%.

Edited 8/10/07: Turns out it WAS pink eye.. and a raging case of viral pink eye at that. We've got him on drops now and -- *cross fingers and toes* -- it seems a little better. Hopefully he'll be feeling better in a day or two. The good news is that he's still smiling!

With any luck, handling him while wearing a biohazard suit will keep me from picking it up this time.. because we all know what happened to me the last time THAT happened!...



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